Electric Multi-Cooker Stone Pot

Get the late night munchies but limited access to a kitchen in your dorm? Or lack kitchen space in your apartment? This handy multi-cooker is a space-saving solution!

Powered by electricity, this pot doesn't require a stove to cook noodles, rice, stir-fries or even steaks in. It has 2 heat settings for slow cooking or recipes that require a higher heat.

With the steamer add-on, you can also prepare steamed foods like dumplings, fish and meat dishes.

Its non-stick Maifan stone interior provides the benefits of stone cooking (See below for more information on stone cooking) while ensuring the pot is easy to clean. 

Safety features include automatic power-off, which shuts the pot off when not in use, a heat-resistant handle for easy handling and a bottom-vent design to prevent overheating.  

A great appliance for any home or as a gift for loved ones moving into a new apartment.

Benefits of Stone Pot Cooking

Cooking in a natural stone pot typically confers several benefits:

1) Stone pots are porous, allowing heat and moisture to circulate through them during cooking. This allows more even and delicate cooking.

2) Stone pots are alkaline, which interacts with the acidity in food. Food that are naturally acidic, like a tomato sauce, will have their pH balanced and take on a natural sweetness. 

3) Stone pots have high heat retention, allowing you to keep food warm for longer. This also uses less power to cook and heat.

Material: Food-grade ABS, Maifan Stone
Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
Rated power: 250W~400W
Pot capacity: 1.5L (50.7oz)

Package includes:
1 x Multi-Cooker Stone Pot
1 x Plug Adapter (Appropriate adapter will be sent based on the shipping address)

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