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Mineral SPA Shower Head With LED Temperature Sensor

Experience the perfect rejuvenating shower with this Mineral SPA Shower Head.

Designed to maximize water pressure and purify water at the same time, this shower head runs your water through 2 layers of mineral stones. This reduces the amount of chlorine, bacteria and other impurities which contribute to damaged hair and dry skin.

The shower head is designed to increase water pressure by up to 200%, which saves up to 35% of water used in the shower.

Hydro-powered built-in LED lights indicate the temperature of the water. As they are powered by water, no batteries or other electrical sources are required.

When the water temperature is less than 32°C (89.6°F), the LEDs emit a green glow

When the water temperature is between 33°C and 42°C (91.4°F - 107.6°F), the LEDs emit a blue glow

When the water temperature is between 43°C and 50°C (109.4°F - 122°F), the LED emit a red glow

When the water temperature is over 50°C (22°F) , the LED will flash red.

Made with a standard connector, the shower head fits any standard size shower hose - it only takes a minute to install!

Mineral Beads

Water that is run through the shower head gains the following benefits due to the presence of these mineral beads:

Anion Stone Beads - Reduces chlorine, bacteria and other impurities from water, resulting in healthier hair and skin

Germanium Stone Beads - The same stone found in many mineral springs, the germanium beads turns tap water into spring-like water, leaving skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Calcium Sulfite Stone Beads -  Releases negative ions and adjusts the water's pH value to a weak alkaline, making it beneficial for skin health.


**Anion and Germanium Mineral beads come included with the shower head. Mineral bead refills may ship separately from the shower head.**


  • Innovative design filters tap water through two layers of mineral stones to simulate a spa bathing experience
  • Increases water pressure by 200% and saves up to 35% on water consumption
  • Built-in LED lights indicate water temperature 
  • Easy installation

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