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Amazingly Stretchy Reusable Silicone Lids (Set of 4)

Ensure your food stays fresh in storage with these flexible silicone lids!

These food-safe silicone lids can stretch to cover containers, bowls or any area that needs covering. 

When stretched over a container or surface, the lids cling on and create a leak-proof seal which slows oxidization and spoilage of food.

For larger fruits like watermelons or pineapples, you can simply cover the exposed surface to preserve the fruit rather than having to cut it up and place them in containers for storage. 

This set of 4 lids come in different sizes to fit different containers and surfaces. Easily washable and reusable, they are a convenient and a good alternative to plastic wrap. 

Material: Food-safe Silicone
Diameter (Unstretched): 4.5cm (1.77") / 8cm (3.15") /12.5cm (4.92")  /15cm  (5.90")
Max Diameter (Stretched): 8 cm (3") / 12.7cm (5") / 17.8cm (7") / 30.4cm (12") 
Hand washing only
Not microwaveable

Package includes:
4 x Flexible Silicone Lids

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