Glow In The Dark OM Chakra Necklace

This cool Chakra necklace glows becomes even more beautiful in the dark!

The necklace has rhinestones in seven different colors, corresponding to each of the body's chakras, or vital energy centers for grounding, balancing and harmonizing energies.

These surround the sacred syllable "OM", which is believed to embody the essential energy of the universe. When used, it symbolically and physically tunes into and acknowledges our connection to all other living beings, nature and the universe.

This necklace's glow is rechargeable via sunlight or UV light for best results.

Chakras and their corresponding colors:

Muladhara, or root Chakra (red):  Located at the base of the spine- it controls the ‘animal’ body- involuntary functions like breathing, instinct, survival.

Swadhistana, or base Chakra (orange): Controls the reproductive drive.

Manipura, or solar plexus Chakra (yellow):The center of the base emotions.

Anahata, or heart Chakra (green):
 Love and self-acceptance.

Visuddha, or throat Chakra (blue): Controlling creativity and self-expression.

Ajna, or third eye Chakra (Indigo): Knowledge, intuition, and perception.

Sahasrara, Crown or Lotus Chakra (violet): The link between the human and the divine. 


Materials: Rhinestones, Zinc Alloy, Glow In The Dark Enamel

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