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EZ Foot Rub Reflexology Mat

After a long stressful and tiring day, few things are more relaxing than getting a foot rub.

Now you can get a relaxing foot reflexology session in the comfort of your home! These foot reflexology mats let you treat yourself to a foot massage whenever you want. 

Foot reflexology is part of holistic health treatments. According to practitioners, there are meridian points in your feet connected to the nerves of the different parts of your body. Massaging these points help to improve blood circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension and ease pain in the corresponding body part. 

The plastic bumps on these mats are placed according to these meridian points, with a handy guide to tell you which part of your body is connected to that part of the foot. 

The larger mat sizes provide an extra length with bumps, which allow you to massage the different meridian points in your feet while walking on it.

The mat is constructed for durability, with overlock stitching around the edges to prevent fraying, and an anti-slip base so the mat stays where it is placed. 

Material: PVC Fabric, Plastic
Non-slip weave bottom
Size: 70 X 35cm (27.56" X 13.78" ), 120 X 35cm ( 47.24" X 13.78 " ) , 170 x 35cm (66.92" x 13.78")

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