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Four Celestial Guardians Titanium Steel Ring

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Carry the protection of the elements with you with this beautifully detailed Four Celestials Titanium Steel ring!

This durable ring is Ion Plated, making it 5 to 8 times more durable than conventional plated jewelry. It is water-resistant and comes highly polished to accentuate its detailed carvings.

It is also available in genuine S925 Sterling Silver.

The perfect gift for loved ones to wear on any occasion, and to give them your best wishes for a happy life.

About the Four Celestials

The four celestial animals represent different elements that make up the world. Each of them also guards a cardinal direction on the compass. 

They are carved on different sides of this ring:

The Black Tortoise (North) - A symbol of longevity, happiness and wisdom, the turtle represents the water element.

The Red Phoenix (South) - This fiery bird is a symbol of growth and rebirth. Together with the dragon, they represent wedded bliss. The phoenix represents the fire element.

The Green Dragon (East) - A symbol of power, wealth and good fortune. The dragon also represents the wood element.

The White Tiger (West) -  A symbol of protection and virtue, the white tiger represents the metal element.

When depicted together, the celestial animals are said to encourage auspicious energy. This manifests in prosperity and protection for their owners.

Material: Titanium Steel or Pure S925 Sterling Silver

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