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Gigantic RGB Mouse Pads

Whether you're a gamer seeking world domination, or just looking to protect your computer desk, do it in style with these Gigantic RGB mouse mats!


  • USB-powered RGB lighting with 3 different lighting modes: 

    Static color mode. Choose the light to stay Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green.

    Horse racing LED effect : Different colors will run through the mat. 

    Breathing LED effect : The colors slowly fade in and out.
  • All mats are 4mm thick
  • Large size facilitates moving and swiping your mouse with your arm, reducing the likelihood of RSI or carpal tunnel
  • Protects your desk from scratches and spills
  • Smooth cloth surface optimized for fast movement and precise control while gaming
  • Non-slip rubber base which prevents sliding or movement of mouse pad or other peripherals placed on it
  • High Polymer RGB Optic Fiber frame prevents fraying and increases lifespan of mouse pad

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