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FAQ on shipping for Personal Protection items during COVID-19

April 18, 2020

We've seen an increase in customers asking about shipping delays, and wrote this post in the hopes of answering questions about delivery times. 

Personal Protection items are currently some of the most popular on our store. As stated on several product pages, many are made in and shipped from China, where a majority of such items in the world are currently manufactured.

1. How long will our items take to arrive?
2. Why do they take this long to arrive?
3.  Why not use a local warehouse?

1. How long will our items take to arrive?

As we ship worldwide, delivery times can vary greatly by country. Delivery speed often depends on customs clearance as well as the last mile freight forwarders. Usually, these are the postal services like USPS, Royal Mail etc.

Typically, our deliveries average 5 to 15 business days. However, i
n the current situation, we are seeing a variety of experiences ranging from normal delivery by the next week, to delays averaging 5-10 business days. In rare cases, it may take longer.
To give some examples, here are two live tracking numbers:
European Delivery Example (

The first is an order bound for France that was was shipped April 8.
It spent some time being processed by La Poste before being flown out, and reached France on April 15.

It is estimated to be delivered April 20 to 23 for a likely delivery time of 9-12 business days. This is about 4 days more than usual for us.
Here is a US order made on April 14.

It shipped on April 15 and is estimated to arrive between 29 April and 3 May, based on 250 similar deliveries made in the last 2 months.
This is a likely delivery time of 11-14 business days. This is a delay of at least 7 days more than normal for us.

2. Why do they take this long to arrive?

Once orders leave the warehouse, they undergo customs clearance, before being booked onto flights bound for their destination country. 

The stoppage of passenger flights meant a huge decrease in air freight capacity. As such, we have moved towards working with shipping companies with their own planes. Usually, they have delivery times of 5-12 business days. However, they are now also experiencing an increase in volume and so are taking longer to deliver items.
We understand customers want their items ASAP and are trying our best to fulfill orders. However, in this climate, we can only provide estimates and not guarantees, as a lot depends on the current situation in a country. 

3. Why not use a local warehouse?

Currently due to demand, we cannot produce enough stock to send bulk shipments to individual countries.

As demand varies over time, rather than risk letting stock sit in a particular country while another experiences a shortage due to demand, we decided to ship them directly from where they are manufactured to ensure every country has equal access to these items. 

Ultimately, we hope for your understanding and thank you for your patience. Stay safe.